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The winery is in a kibbutz on the northern border, with a production capacity of around...
​The winery was established in 2004 and it produces approximately 10,000 bottles annual...
Avshalom’s Shrine. An ornate monument from the first century BCE, said to be the tomb o...
The winery was established in 2003 and it produces 10,000 bottles annually. There is a ...
The winery was established in 2003 and it produces around 3,000 bottles annually. The g...
Large, well-lit cave in the wall of the Old City, which was a quarry in the days of the...


The hotel has 127 luxury suites and 66 studio rooms, each with a kitchenette and a safe...
"Lev” - a magical place in Moshav Aniam – only two hour's drive from the centre of Isra...





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